The Story

In the first part, in Brussels, the camera portrays simultaneously the collective and improvised creative work of the contemporary circus group Atempo working on their new circus an dance performance. The first part of the collective creation is based in a residency in Brussels and includes exhaustive and risky physical labour, exchange of ideas and physical improvisation, human fragility and sensibility, individual fears and emotions and how these emotions come up in the encounters between the people.

During the residency the artists also meet two circus legends, who express their well formed views on creation of circus and dance. They bring a new level to the journey towards self understanding, self realisation and learning a form of expression that has the body as a medium.

In the second part, a residency in Barcelona, the nature of the collective work changes and affects the human encounter process of the characters. The individual emotions and the bodily encounters are becoming secondary and the pressure of making an impressive performance for the premier starts to determine the process. Technology comes into the picture, stage design and visual impressiveness become concerns that affect the improvised process and the sensibility in the human encounters. In other words, the spectacle begins to separate from the process of human encounter. In words of one of the main protagonist, Natalia: “The spectacle becomes more important than life, or… life becomes a spectacle.”

In the final part everything culminates in the premier in a big circus festival in Brussels.